Monday, December 11, 2023


Congratulations to the winners of  the S1000 event. Big money. The big event WTF is next.

xd. Zheng and Huang did well again to beat their arch world champion rival Seo and Chae in a dominating fashion. Straight sets.

wd. Fukushima and Hirota did well to beat the Chinese top seed Chen and Jia in 3 tough games. However, Shida and Matsuyama did well to win it. This is their biggest win. A morale booster.

ws. Nozomi did well to beat Tunjung who won last week's Japan Masters. Too tired perhaps. In the finals, CYF did well to beat Han Yue who gave a WO.

md. He and Ren who won Japan Masters last week did not manage to beat the world number one from India. Liang and Wang did well to reach the final beating the India pair in a close encounter. Exciting 21-19 rubber games.

ms. Viktor pulled out due to injury. LKY got a mental block vs ginting again. LZJ lost tamely to Nishimoto. In the final, Naraoka did well to win this big event.

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