Monday, May 16, 2022

Thomas and Uber cup 2022

Congratulations to Korean Women and India mens team for winning the famous trophy. This is the first for India and they demolished Indonesia 3-0. Korea did well to upset China. No one knows what the Chinese WZY did to win ABC and then lost to an unknown Korean player in 3WS. Complacent maybe?

Some worth mentioned moments.

For Malaysian Uber team, they lost to Denmark narrowly. They should have put in the veterans like LPJ and Shevon Lai for 2nd doubles. Malaysia could have qualified for quarter finals. 

For Malaysia TC team, the coaches gambled on 1st double to beat India, its a mistake because they did not do their homework to check the head to head record. Another messed up opportunity. No one in the Management team takes responsibility. Points fingers at each other.

For Japan TC team, someone needs to fix Momota, his form is horrendous. He needs a new coach to change his style of play. Too defensive. 1MD also disappoints.

Lakshya Sen did well to win the 1st match against Indonesia to get the ball rolling. Confidence builds up. Gintin should have close the match in 2 games. As for Indonesia, they also did a mistake to have Ahsan and Kevin to play 1st MD. It backfired.

For Denmark vs India, Gemke must be dreaming. Same goes to Antonsen. These 2 guys did not show up.

Japan Uber was disappointing as well against Korea. No one showed up.

Lastly for Singapore. They have good young singles player but unfortunately there is no focus on them. Too bad. Singapore will live with 1 single player at the moment. Need someone to kick butts in SBA.

The year of the underdogs. Good for badminton.


  *Biden, Putin and Xi* argue over Who is in charge of the world?
   *US, Russia or China*?

  Without any conclusion, they turn to *Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India,* and ask who is in charge of the world?

   Modi replied: *All I know is:*

   1. The CEO of Google is Indian.
   2. Microsoft CEO is Indian.
   3. Adobe's CEO is Indian.
   4. The CEO of Net App is Indian.
   5. The CEO of MasterCard is Indian.
   6. The CEO of DBS is Indian.
   7 Novartis CEO is Indian
   8. The CEO of Diageo is Indian.
   9. The CEO of SanDisk is Indian.
   10. CEO Harman is Indian.
   11. Micron CEO is Indian
   12. The CEO of Palo Alto Networks is Indian.
   13. Reckitt Benckiser CEO is Indian.
   14. IBM CEO is Indian.
   15. The Chancellor of England is Indian.
   16. The British Home Secretary is Indian.
   17. The Prime Minister of Ireland is Indian.

  18. And the Vice President of America is Indian.

  So who runs the World?
  Very interesting !!!

  *Thomas Cup 2022 champion is also Indian* .....💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻Visit😜👍

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Badminton Asia Championship 2022

Well done to the winners. A good win for Lee Zii Jia over Jojo after turning pro. Indonesia young MD team did very well. Malaysia top MD still soul searching for a big win. There is no Japan win this time. Still struggling. 

In WS, Yamaguchi nearly made a comeback after he fall. The young chinese girl Wang Zhi Yi did well to hang on to the win with 21-19 on the third set. 

The draft of the hall and the umpiring is still very lousy. BWF doesn't seems to learn.

At Europe, Viktor did well to beat Antonsen. Stoeva sisters did well. Marin did a good comeback.