Monday, June 19, 2023

Indonesia Open 2023

Congratulations to all the winners. This time, Yonex wins them all. Below are the noteable mentions.

xd. Zheng and Huang won all their matches in 2 games. Amazing. Similar to ASY a week ago. Thai xd pair upset by china Dong.

wd. The Korean pair did well to beat the aging Japanese pair. They also upset the top seed chinese pair in semis. Fuku upset Apriani in Qtr final.

ws.  Yamaguchi was upset by Ratchanok in Qtr surprisingly. Carolina did the same to TTY. Chen YF did well to beat the red hot ASY denying her a hattrick. CYF did well to finish off Marin in 2 games. Marin was leading 6 points in g2 before losing. Aging or tired?

md. Alfian top seed dissappointed again losing to the champion indian pair in qtr finals. Liang was upset by Rambitan. 

Rambitan made a mistake by trying to finish off Aaron in 2 games. They did not and tires themselves in the 3rd game. Wrong strategy. Too young or eager to win perhaps.

Aaron was on form until they reached the final and lost to the Indian pair. Too tired or they tried something new to lose the game. Still waiting for the to win an at least s750 tournament like lky. Aaron smash is better now but must maintain his weights. Else, it will go down the drain again.

ms. Lzj lost miserably to Sen. He was in no mood to play at all. He will take a small break. Lky did well against local boy Chico. Again, he lost to LSF next round. Not many players can last now days.

Naraoka managed to beat syq in 3 games. lsf was no match for ginting. Crowd factor perhaps. Hats off to Viktor again to hold his fort to beat homeboy Ginting. I notice ginting seems to have issues playing Viktor. Even home crowd can't help Ginting. Viktor is now 11 to 4 vs Ginting for Head to Head stats.

Monday, June 12, 2023

Singapore Open 2023

 Congratulation to all the new winners today. This is s750 event.

Notable matches.

for xd. 

Top seed huang/zheng lost to korean xd pair in straight games.

Thai pair lost to the eventual winner from Denmark.

Yuta and Higa did well back from injury to enter final and beat the new up coming malaysian pair. However, they can't match the danes in 3 games in the final. The only match in 3 games for the finals.

for wd.

China top seed did very well to win it. All matches won in 2 games. Awesome.

The korean did well to beat the no 2 seed japanese pair shida.

for ws.

It was a fitting semi finals to all the top 4 seeds. Yama beat cyf in 3 games. ASY beat TTY in  2 games. and ASY managed to beat Yama in 2 games in the final. Asy also did very well to win all in 2 games like the chinese wd pair.

for md.

Top seed alfian lost to ben from England. China Li and Ou lost to Kim brothers. Shetty India lost to Koga Japan. Choi beat Setiawan.

Minions lost to Japanese Hoki and Yugo. Ina Carnando lost to Msia Soh and Aaron in 3 games.

China pair beat soh and aaron. Hoki beat Choi and then Japan won again in the final.

for ms.

Viktor pulled out due to Injury. This gives Antonsen a clear path to final. Many players like Sen, Jojo, Tsuneyama, Nishimoto, lcy, lzj and Gemke kicked out in 1st round.

Loh Kean Yew the lost to Popov in home ground. 1st game lost miserably. 2nd game close but too late.

Vitid retired playing Ginting in 3 games. Antonsen beat Naraoka.

Ginting the defending champion did well to beat Antonsen in Final. 

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Thailand Open 2023

Congratulations to Vitid for winning the MS category. ASY is on fire winning many tournaments now. 3 korean winners. Very powerful. This is a S500 event.

The Chinese MD is very fast and powerful. Minions can't beat them. Singapore Open next...