Monday, March 18, 2024

All England badminton 2024

Well done to Indonesia for winning 2 titles this year. One is a defending champion. Summaries below. Click on the pink links to see more.

wd. A big upset from Malaysia pair on the Chinese top seed. But the Malaysian did not manage to win the next round and lost to the Japanese 4th ranked pair. Shida did well to enter final meeting the Koreans. They lost to Baek and Lee.

xd. A dream final for top China pair vs Japanese pair. The chinese won it. 

md. The top seed indian pair was upset by Maulana and Fikri. Aaron and Soh did well to beat them in Qtr final. The top Indonesian defending champion did well to beat the Top Taipei pair in Semis who beat the Chinese young pair earlier in tough qtr final. Alfian and Ardianto did well to regain their title they won last year by beating the Malaysians.

ws. A lot of drama here. ASY did well to enter semis but was beaten by Yamaguchi. The rallies were brutal. TTY also did well to beat HBJ who gave a valiant fight even though she was injured. Carolina Marin did very well to beat CYF in 2 games with her awesome speed. In the final, Marin won the match after Yama gave up with a hip injury. Hope it is not too serious. Now we have 5 contenders for the Olympics. Marin, ASY, Yama, CYF and TTY.

ms. Another upset for Viktor again. This time to Ginting who has never beaten him for a long while. There was a controversy about the net tapping from Ginting where Viktor was making a whole lot of noise. LZJ had a good run vs NKL and LKY but lost narrowly to Sen. It is a case of wild power and over confident. In the final, Jojo won by beating Ginting. Jojo also beat SYQ after an injury call. It seems that Jojo have some luck in winning tournaments just like last year. Credit to Jojo for beating Vitid earlier.

2 scary injuries. Yamaguchi and SYQ. Who is next???

French Open 2024

Congratulation to the winners. This is a S750 event before the All England.

xd. The Thai top pair did well to beat the Top seed from china in qtr finals. But lost to the Korean World Champ in semis. In the final, Feng and Huang did well to beat the Koreans WC. It is an upset.

wd. Matsuyama and pretty face Shida did well to enter final beating the koreans. But the Top chinese pair prevails. 

ws. Yamaguchi did well to make a come back beating CYF in semis. A close one. She had a shin injury before this. ASY also did well to beat TTY in semis. TTY was leading and the Olympic errors and nerve came back to haunt her. In the final, ASY dominated well. Yama looks a little heavy. Need to loose some weights. If Yama and ASY are free from injury, these will be the 2 main contenders. Their fitness is unmatched. Sindhu has been trying hard to make a comeback with Prakash as advisor.

ms. Wang Tzu Wei did well to dispose Top Seed Viktor in 2nd round. Vitid did well to beat Sen in semis. Sen did well to beat LKY. Chico did well to beat Antonsen. SYQ did well to beat Vitid in the final.

md. The top indian pair did very well as the topseed to win the title beating the surprising Taipei pair. Aaron and Soh lost to Koreans.

All England next... many are worried about injuries. It's the Olympic year.