Monday, June 20, 2022

Indonesian Open 2022

This is the big one. S1000 attracting all the best players.

Well done to Viktor again for winning the MS title. Good money.

Also did well are TTY, China new MD pairs, The reliable China XD, also the Japanese WD.

Notable matches.

Momota lost again and this time to Gemke 1st for Gemke to beat Momota. He should retire. No way he can come back. The MS ranking and draw should be changed for the next tournament in Malaysia Open. But BWF don't care. Looks like Viktor will meet LKY and LZJ will meet Momota again.

LZJ met LKY in a pulsating match. LKY got match point but LZJ did a great come back. In the MS semis, LZJ did almost the same thing to Viktor. But Viktor won because LZJ lifted the shuttle high to let Viktor make the kill.

TTY did well to beat CYF. A remarkable comeback on 2nd game by TTY.

Chinese players are dark horses in 1 year time. All are getting better. 4 finalist from China.

Indonesian Masters 2022

This tournament is a preparation for next week Indonesian Open.

Congrats to the big guns for winning. Notably Viktor beating CTC and Chen YF beating  RI. Both winners are just 1 classs or level above their opponents.

Notable mention are

Ginting managed to beat LZJ in quarters. LZJ seems to be having right hip problem.

Lakshya and Loh Kean Yew were beaten by CTC. Still a very experienced players even though he is aging. Quite and exciting game between CTC and LKY.

Sindhu lost to Ratchanok.

Well done to Alfian and Ardianto for winning MD.