Monday, August 28, 2023

World Championship 2023

Congratulations to all the winners. Korean won it big time.



Zheng and Huang the defending champion did well to enter final. Everyone expecting them to win again but the Korean had another plans. They managed to outwit china. Seo and Chae did very well to break china's rythm.


Chen and Jia did very well to enter the final. They demolished the Indonesia Apriyani and Siti.


Okuhara was a big surprise when she beat Sindhu and Ratchanok in the early rounds. She stretched ASY to 3 games. As good as final. Chen Yu Fei lost to ASY in semis.

Marin did very well to beat Yamaguchi in 2 games but lost to eventual winner ASY. I have predicted ASY to win it since she was 18 years old. She made it at such a young age. Well done.


The top seed INA lost again to Lee and Yang. Kang and Seo from Korea beat Taipei. Ahsan and Setiawan also lost to the Korean pair.

Malaysian MD Aaron and Soh did well to beat Lee and Yang the OG champ. But lost to the Korean in 2.

The danes Kim and Anders did well to beat 3rd seed China Liang and Wang. But lost to the eventual winner Korean. Solid performance.


Antonsen was in resurgence after his injury beating LZJ. The 1st game was quite close. Vitid did well to beat Sen in 2 games. Pranoy did very well mentally to beat LKY in a tough 3 games. We are still waiting for the former world champion to win his first s750 tournament at least till now. Same as Aaron and Soh. 

Pranoy also did well to outlast top seed Viktor. Wang Tzu Wei was a surprise to beat Li Shi Feng. Vitid beat Wang in 3 games. SYQ can't match Naraoka. Antonsen also can't last against Naraoka.

In the final game Vitid was just too good to win in 3 games. Naraoka was TKOed in game 3.

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Australian Open 2023

This is a s500 event and is quite respectable. It is better to view this blog on a windows PC. More stuff to see mate.😎

Congrats to Mr Poh for being the President of Oceania Badminton. I played with him and also with the son of Ong Beng Teong in early 2000 at Monash University. The games were awewome. He was kind enough to send me from Monash back to the city. We had a great chat in his black Mercedez. He also partnered Ong Beng Teong in some tournaments during his younger days in Melbourne.

Below is early 2000 of me with Mr Poh (black hair then. lol). Above is with white hair. lol. Also playing games at Monash University with the son of Ong Beng Teong. Good players. Clayton Hall. OBT then opens up a hall in KL.😎

xd.  Indonesia Parveen lost to HongKong in early rounds. Dong from China did well to win it.

wd. Korean Kim Kong won again. Very solid wd. The also beat Fuku from Japan in semis.

ws. BeiWen Zhang the ex-sg player did very well to win this tournament. She beat Sindhu, Rachanok and Kim. Her first biggest win. S500.

md. Korean Kang and Seo did very well to upset Ardian top seed again. The also beat Lee and Wang the Olympic and recent Japan Open Champion. Malaysia Aaron flop to Taiwan 2nd pair. Hugo went into final but cannot beat the Koreans as they were in top form.

ms. Ginting the top seed was struggling early and lost to Pranoy the finalist. Watch out for the young Rajawat from India. Ng Tze Yong did well to send Jojo packing. Lee Zi Jia did well to beat NTY again to enter semis. However WHY got the upper hand over LZJ this time in 3 games. A good comeback from LZJ. Improving with his new coach. WHY did very well to upset Pranoy in the final. One of the rally was amazing. 71 shots. See below.

Thursday, August 3, 2023

Japan Open 2023

 In MS and MD, the Olympic Champion rules. S750 event same as SG Open.


xd. Watanabe did well to beat the Thai pair in semis. Huang and Zheng did well to enter final. Watanabe got the upper hand this time.

wd. Msia again playing top seed china and failed again. No luck.  The chinese did well in semis to beat fukushima. Korean Kim and Kong did well to beat Nagahara and went on to beat the Chinese in the final. Korean wd is very good. Solid.

ws. Defending Champ Yamaguchi loat narrowly to Tunjung from Indonesia. CYF lost to USA. He Bing Jiao did well go to into final beating Tunjung. ASY was unstoppable beating Ratchanok and TTY before beating HBJ in the final. This is her 1st no. 1 world ranking.

md. Alfian lost to Lee and Wang in semis. Hugo beat Liu in semis. Lee and Wang did well to beat Hugo in the final.

ms. Pranoy got the most points from Viktor in this tournament. The rest were easy for Viktor to beat in 2 sets. Jojo did well to beat Vitid and Laksya Sen but no match for Viktor again.

Next is Australia Open.

2022 winners.

MS - Kenta Nishimoto (JPN)
WS - Akane Yamaguchi (JPN)
MD -Liang Weikeng/Wang Chang(CHN)
XD - Decaphol Puavaranukroh/Sapsiree Taerattanachai(THA)

Korea Open 2023

Well done to the 1 time winners. Antosen made a good comback at last. India MD did well to beat the Top seed from indonesia.

xd. The China Top seed Huang and Zheng lost to fellow country men no 8. Huang Dong Ping the OG champ did well to win it.
wd. Msian dbl no luck meeting the eventual winner in the 1st round. Chen Qing Chen did well to beat the korean in the final.
ws. Sindhu got Hashim as new coach but has yet to make a mark. Akane lost to TTY in semis this time. CYF lost to ASY in semis. ASY again is the winner. She will be breaking records. No. 1 soon. Perfect timing for coming OG in 2024.
md.  Goh Sze Fei won US open last week and lost to Ardian. Japan Hugo lost to Indian Shetty. India md did well to win this S500 event. They also beat Liang and Wang in Semis.
ms. LzZJgot a new coach Wong Tat Meng. Also lost narrowly to Ng Ka long. Uncharacteristic 9 mistakes in a row. Kodai did well to beat LCY but lost to LKY in Semis. NTY also lost to LKY in 2 narrow sets. Antonsen did well to beat SYQ in semis 2 sets narrowly. Antonsen won it. But mainly from LKY mistakes. LKY could have won it if mistakes minimized.