Tuesday, October 31, 2023

French Open 2023

Well done to the winners.

Jonathan Christie win is a surprise His 1st s750. Very well done beating Li Shi Feng from behind. He also beat Loh Kean Yew.

Li Shi Feng did well to beat LZJ who managed to avenge on WHY in the 1st round. Not easy beating 2 chinese. Viktor retired again. NTY is now 0 5 vs LSF.

Chen Yu Fei did well to beat the aging TTY. Danish MD got their amazing 6th title of the year.

Monday, October 23, 2023

VICTOR Denmark Open 2023

Well done to all the winners. This is a s750 event and there's a lot of money in it. Well done to Aaron Chia and Soh Wooi Yik for winning their 1st world tour title. After so so so long.... lol. Now the pressure is on LKY to win it. They need to thank the Indian pair for not playing.

Summaries below.

xd. Zheng and Huang did well to enter final and also managed to beat the world champion in semis 22 20 rubber game. Feng and Huang Dong Ping did better by winning the title. 26 24 rubber game. Very close.

wd. Chen and Jia did well to win it. Over powering the Japanese. I think only Korean can match them and they did not play.

ws. Sindhu did well to beat Tunjung. Marin did well to beat TTY. Aging. Marin did well again to beat Sindhu. Marin was great in mental game. However, Chen Yu Fei did well to beat Marin the the final. CYF beaten Marin in the last 3 meetings. ASY and Yamaguchi did not play.

ms. Viktor gave a walkover to LZJ. Lzj did well to beat Nishimoto and LCY.  Weng Hong Yang did well to beat Ginting and SYQ. He is on form and managed to beat lzj easily. He lost in 2nd round to Anton in the previous tournament. MS is wide open in Olympics with the exception of Viktor who seems to have injuries issues. Again, its victor's court. Shuttles also tends to be faster. 466kmh smash is crazy by lzj.

md. Fikri and Malauna did well to beat top seed Alfian and Ardianto.  Malaysian did well to beat denmark in semis. In the final, malaysia broke their jinx by winning the tournament. Well done.

Next tournament is s750 French Open.

Sunday, October 15, 2023

CLASH OF CLANS Arctic Open 2023 (Finland)

This is a warm up tournament to the coming Denmark and French open. It is only a s500 event. Well done to all the 1st time winners.


xd. Only notable mention is the Malaysian pair beating the 2nd seed Dechapol and Sapsiree in 2 games. Then the Chinese took over.

wd. The topseed from Japan lost to China in semis. And they beat the Thai pair in the final.

ws. Tai Tzu Ying the top seed lost to Thai Chochuwong. And she lost to Han Yue from China in semis. Sindhu struggled against the Vietnamese in an epic battle. Sindhu almost lost in 2. Wang from China outlast Sindhu in semis. Han Yue won her 1st tournament.

md. Ahsan and Setiawan lost to Anders and Kim in semis. Danish also did well against Tpe pair. Teo and Ong was a dissappointment. Man and  Tee did well to enter final but lost to the Danish pair. Too experienced.

ms. Lzj continued with his fine form beating Chico in early rounds. Also beat Leong JH who was injured. He also managed to beat Antonsen in semis who was also injured. A little bit of luck is with him. Antonsen had a tough 3 setters vs Koki. Ng Tze Yong did well to brush the seeded CTC in 2 games. He also beat china Lu in 2 games to enter semis. NTY again beat Tsuneyama in semis. Quite credible wins. In the final, LZJ was in good form and managed to beat NTY easily. Head to Head is on lzj side. Next tournament is going to be a tough one in the 2nd round for both finalist. At least they got some precious qualifying points in this tournament.

Monday, October 9, 2023

Asian Games 2024 Badminton individual event. (Hangzhou)

From my opinion, this Asian Games is not a major event because it is not a worldwide event and it is not inclusive. We are talking about Denmark and the rest of the Europe teams are not involved. For an event to be considered MAJOR, it needs to be INCLUSIVE worldwide.

Congratulations to the 1st time winners.

1st round big match was between Lee Zii Jia vs Ng Kar Long. LZJ got his revenge this time 2 1.

In 2nd round Chou Tien Chen sent defending champion Jojo packing with 2 0. Jojo seems to have the luck eventhough he is not on form. He managed to win HongKong Open and went into the Final of the Japan Open. Very lucky with the draw indeed.

Ng Tze Yong also beat Loh Kean Yew and it is a big loss from LKY considering NTY was recovering form sickness. Too many mistakes.

Round 16.
Lee Zii Jia seems to get his form back earlier than expected by beating the recent world champion Vitidsarn 2 1.
Tai Tzu Ying surprisingly lost to Ohori from Japan in ws.

Qtr finals.
Lee and Wang from Taiwan beat top seed Alfian and Ardian again.
Lzj vs Pranoy was very exciting because Lzj got 2 match points and he did not convert. Pranoy's back was troubling him a lot and Lzj did not manage to finish him off. However, given the intensity of the match, it seems that Lzj is back in form. At least the point was respectable.
Li Shi Feng seems to be in good form beating Ginting 2 0.
Naraoka beat NTY 2 0.
The epic match was between Aaron/Soh vs China twin towers. The match was very close and had many rallies. Malaysia won in this epic battle.

Semi finals.
India did well to dispose Malaysia 2 0. Probably Malaysia was too tired.
The Korean md pair Choi and Kim did well to beat Taiwan 2 0.
Li sf beat the tired Pranoy easily.

China xd did well to retain the title vs Japan.
wd, China did well to retain their title vs Koreans.
md. India did well to beat the Koreans in the final.
ms. Lsf did well to beat SYQ in the final.
ws, It was an epic battle because ASY was having knee problem after winning g1. CYF managed to win g2. And in g3, cyf herself got into trouble with her fitness and she lost. ASY is truly remarkable player and she will be the clear title winner in OG if she is healthy. Unless Yamaguchi regains her form and fitness. 
The rest of the events are wide open.😎

Asian Games 2024 Badminton team event.

This event was held in HangZhou, China. Well done to the winners.


Mens event.

Malaysia met Korea in the 1st round. The biggest surprise was that both the mens singles from Malaysia lost to the Koreans who are ranked much lower.

Aaron and Soh salvaged 1 point for Malaysia. They are the most consistent player at the moment for Malaysia. They managed to enter at least qtr finals in most events.

HongKong beat Thailand 3 2. Japan beat Singapore 3 0. Lky lost again.

Surprisingly, Korea again beat Indonesia in quarterfinals. Jojo lost and Ginting won.

In semifinals, India beat Korea 3 2. China beat Japan 3 1.

For finals, China escaped because Pranoy was injured. China managed to make a comeback from behind to win 3 2. Sen beat SYQ in 1st sgl.

Ladies event

China beat Japan 3 1 in semifinals and Korea beat Thailand 3 1. Yamaguchi was injured and did not play.

Korea did very well in the final beating China 3 0. A total humiliation on the host team.