Monday, May 29, 2023

Malaysian Masters 2023 S500

This is the 1st of 3 tournaments after Sudirman cup. Well done to the winners.

Noteable matches.

Malaysia WD did well to beat Japan in Qtr and the Korea in Semis. But they had brutal matches and lost in the final.

Congrats to Pranoy for winning his 1st S500 and in Malaysia. He beat LSF the AE winner. WHY is too tired for the final. Pranoy got WO from Naraoka.

Korean MD did well to beat Malaysia after beating the world champion from Japan in Semis. Msia MD did well to enter final.

XD Thai is very stable and done well.

LZJ punctured playing Tpe. Ina MS did not do well.

Yamaguchi is as strong as ever. Will she do another 3 peat win? Indonesia Tunjung is getting better.

Many injuries expected as there are 3 tournaments in a row. Survival of the fittest.

In reality, the shuttle AS50 is very slow. So it is almost impossible to kill with womens power. However, they are used to defence, because they use guys to smash them during training, thats why most women doubles can defend very well but not in smashing. Eg, mix doubles ladies are also very good in defending from a guys smash. 

So the solution is to use faster shuttles or reduce the points. Am sure it will be very exciting as the pace will be very fast and intense when the points are less. I know eventually bwf will take some action, but not for now. Maybe a new bwf boss. 

I pity the ladies in womens doubles event having to stay in the court for so long and for so many matches. Their standards are very similar level now. So its about who gets tired or die first. The WD will suffer long term injuries issues when they retires. I've seen many old lady players wrapping their knees. Some even buy phiten knee guards. Super expensive. lol. Good to take precaution tho.

The next 2 tournaments will be Thai Open and Singapore Open. Need free tix? Let me know.😎

Monday, May 22, 2023

Sudirman cup 2023

Well done to China for winning it 13th times.

The nearest drama was when China played Japan. Japan was leading 2-0 and had the match point but did not convert. China came back from 20-16 in rubber game. Great mental power from China Liu and Ou. This is the semifinal. Hoki and Kobayashi reeling. Almost an upset. China also fielded weaker xd and md. It is like playing with fire.

In Final, China beat Korea 3-0. Korea xd also nearly upset China but no luck.

Axelsen injured playing LZJ. Japan beat Thailand. India lost to Malaysia tamely were the notable ones.

Asian Badminton Championship 2023

Congratulations to the new winners of ABC.