Monday, March 21, 2022

All England 2022

A master class performance from the previous AE winners notably Viktor and Japan Mix doubles.

The surprising win the is the young Indonesian mens doubles pair who beat both their compatriots to win this tournament. Ahsan Hendra and Minions. This will definitely give them the confidence. A big feat to win S1000 series. (Muhammad Shohibul Fikri / Bagas Maulana)

Also congrats to Japan LD Matsuyama/Shida to win it. A big surprise since all the seeds went crashing out.

Yamaguchi is simply solid and consistent disposing Chen the OG gold medalist in Semis. Untouchables.

Yuta/Higa XD is just simply awesome.

Viktor was serious about the S1000 with big money. It is understandable that he will lose to his own training mates in small tournaments or no money tournaments just to boost their confidence. Notably, Loh Kean Yew and Lakshya Sen. Brian Yang next?? LZJ and AA got caught by Sen. I think they will wake up in the next meet up. Just like LKY.

German Open 2022

Well done to Vitid from Thailand for winning German Open 2022. He did well to beat LZJ even though this is a warmup tournament to All England. He beat Sen in final (both are 20 years old in 2022). Vitid is a 3 times world junior champion. Another force to be reckon with in the future. Taking over from the famous Boonsak perhaps? He played until having a blistered toe. Welcome to the game of badminton. Most players including me had this before. lol

We as fans waiting for the likes of LKY, Vitid and Sen to win a S1000 tournament.

Indian Open 2022

Congratulations to Lakshya Sen for winning Indian Open 2022. Laden with covid pull outs. This is a dark horse. Hope he can keep it up. He beat the world champion loh kean yew in the final. Hope its not a buddy thingy to let him win. These 2 guys including Brian Yang trained at Viktor academy. haha.

Q. How do you beat Lakshya Sen. I want you to publish it because his fans especially the Indians are so fanatic about him talking nonsense in badminton forums. The EGO they have makes you want to puke. So many of them are double headed snake head. They always think they are the best. Making fun of Pakistan people. Which is crappy. I just hates indians for taking away so many IT jobs with lower pay than the locals, I stay in Australia and see so many of them. I wish they will go back to India where they belong. Job stealers or hijackers. Recently, India also doesn't support to stop Russia from killing innocent children. How barbaric they are. They just can't get their heads right. Even in crickets, they think they are the best as well. Bummer.
A. Sorry to hear that mate and I stay in Singapore. I can see that, and I understand your feelings. Well I am not discriminatory or into Politics.
Lakshya is improving and has not won any major yet as of March 2022. Am talking about either S1000 or WC or OG. Maybe he will someday if he works hard enough am sure.

So, in order to beat Lakshya, you need to see the video which Viktor beat him in the AE 2022 final. Firstly, Sen is a defensive and stroke player. He hardly have any strong smashes. He is good in his drives, so avoid playing drive or parallel shots with him or giving him dangling shots to kill you. Most short players are good at this. His reflex is good meaning you cannot try to push fast shots to him, he is ready for you due to the fact that he is defensive. He is good in netting also, you need to push him to the back. Be patient.

He is fit. So, for all players who wants to beat him, you just need to grind him out to play simple shots to the 4 corners. You cannot afford to smash or drive him blindly. You will kill yourself making mistakes and giving him free points. Just do the normal strokes and kill when opportunity comes. Do not rush or slack playing him. This means you need to have a game or point plans to know when you are about to kill and ready for his returns immediately. You notice a lot of players lost to him because they rushed and this causes them to make unnecessary mistakes. If you are below 30 years old, you should be able to match his fitness to play safe shots. Don't get sucked in and over do the killing to tire yourself or make a fool of your self just like LKY (India open 2022), Antonsen and LZJ in AE2022. I am sure they learnt from this lost since they got stung before. Be a smart player. Viktor learnt it quickly after loosing to him in German Open. Or perhaps Viktor already knows how to handle him and not keen in small money German Open; thats why Viktor purposely lose to him to boost his confidence. Remember that Vitid beaten him in German Open final in 2022.