Monday, March 20, 2023

All England 2023

This is the prestigious S1000 tournament with big points and money.

All the top players are in this event.

The biggest surprise is Viktor being knocked out by Ng Tze Yong. It's a blunder from  Viktor where he was complacent and not playing his usual attacking style. He was in tears and must be frustrated with himself. NTZ was in cloud nine and lost to LSF tamely. lol

Antonsen is a comeback kid for this one. He beat Laksya and Ginting impressively.

Lee Zii Jia also did well to beat 2 japanese and got his revenge from Naraoka. It helps shut his haters. lol

Shi Yu Qi was impressive as well beating Vidit and LZJ.  Also beating NKL in 1st round. Those in semis gets good points for WTF qualifying.

The most impressive is Li Shi Feng where he entered 2 finals in a row. Beating NTY, AA and SYQ. 

For WS, Yamaguchi was not the same person bowing out to CYF in semis.

Congratulations to ASY for beating TTY and CYF to get her first S1000 tournament. She will be a contender for OG2024 next to AY and CYF again.

Korean did well for the WD.

China XD did well to win it.

AA did well to beat Daddies. Ahsan was slightly injured in the end. Well done to the winners.

Next tournaments will be the small S300s.

German Open 2023

 This is a warmup s300 tournament which was held a week before the All England.

Some are here just to have a warm up before the big one. Quite a respectable entries.

LZJ was the top seed but did not perform well. Probably still in a limbo after his venture into Professionalism.

Ng Ka Long did well to beat China Li Shi Feng in the final. They will meet again 1st round in All England.

Yamaguchi did well this time to beat CYF and ASY to win WS.

The Koreans MD seems to be on form for this tournament.