Monday, December 20, 2021

World Championship 2021

World Championship 2021 have all new champions. Well done to all of them. Loh Kean Yew did very well to beat Viktor in the first round and continue to be the first champion for Singapore. Record breaking.

XD. Thai pair won in 2 games. Too bad. Higa no good touches today. Very defensive. Thai consistency again.😜
WS. Tty self destruct with mistakes and stamina problem. Yama did well to drag her front and back. Tty needs to hire me as coach. I make her run alishan..🤣🤣
MD. Japan is super confident.
MS. Easy for lky. Sk self destructed again. Well done to lky for making a big history for Singapore.🤩🤩😉
WD. The Chinese are just too strong today.

From my Malaysian friend perspective. Frogs and Chopstick issues country. Sad.🤣
More sportsmen women will chabut to spore. LKY was born in Penang, Malaysia and migrated to SG at 13 years old.
Singapore already olympic gold , already badminton world champion while Msia sacking players then asking players to come back , tweaking with coaches , bloated association , and dismal results !
Malas- sia
Marah- sia
LKY won world champen
LZJ won a 50 cent coin blister
Msia boleh !!!!😎
Scientist , drs , professors , engineers , researches , and many others sudah lari
Even owner raising Singapore badminton standard.🤣
What hurts most was when LKY pointed finger at his chest the flag which was not from my country ! 😓😓

Thursday, December 16, 2021

World Tour Finals 2021

World Tour Finals 2021 is just after Indonesian Open and many players are still tired from the games. Congratulations to all the winners. No chinese players this time also.

MS won by Viktor, MD won by Hoki and Kobayashi, WS by ASY, XD by Dechapol and Sapsiree and WD by Kim and Kong.

Friday, December 3, 2021

Indonesia Open 2021

Viktor did well again to beat LKY in finals. LKY also seems to be doing well to beat Kento Momota and other higher ranked players. LKY have too much respect to Viktor in the finals. He need to change his mentality and get a proper coach with good strategy.

ASY also did well again to win her 2nd title.

Minions got their revenge this time.

Thai Mix Doubles did very well.

Indonesia Masters 2021

At last, Kento Momota and ASY got their titles. Japan MD also did well to beat minions. The Taiwanese OG MD doesn't seems to be recovered from their euphoria win.