Monday, January 30, 2023

Indonesia Masters 2023

This is the last leg of the 1st 3 tournament series. Congratulations to the winners. It is a S500 series but still attract some top players.

Notable mentions. Big guns like Koba, Alfian, AC/SWY, Minions, LKY and LZJ did not perform well. Some due to injury or excuses of tired etc.

2023年印尼超级500赛男单:The most thunderous arena in the badminton world.
冠军:Jonatan Christie 🇮🇩 He did well to beat SYQ in semis.
亚军:Chico Aura Dwi Wardoyo 🇮🇩

冠军:An Se-young 🇰🇷 She is the best performer of the 3 series so far.
亚军:Carolina Marin 🇪🇸

冠军:Leo Rolly Carnando / Daniel Marthin 🇮🇩
亚军:He Jiting / Zhou Haodong 🇨🇳

冠军:Liu Shengshu / Zhang Shuxian 🇨🇳
亚军:Yuki Fukushima / Sayaka Hirota 🇯🇵

冠军:Feng Yanzhe / Huang Dongping 🇨🇳
亚军:Jiang Zhenbang / Wei Yaxin 🇨🇳


Monday, January 23, 2023

India Open 2023

This is a S750 event. Congratulations to the winners. Upset day as the expected champions were dethroned.

ASY did well to beat Yama. She did lots of good slice shots to kill yama. ASY must attack more in future coz she is much taller and stronger now. Matured.

Vitid did extremely well to beat Viktor. An aging sign perhaps from the tall Champion?

Other notables. Minions still recovering. Many still waiting for Malaysia MD to win a tournament like LKY. LKY seems to have a mental block against Vitid? Vitid also did well to beat Ginting in Semis.

The Chinese MD is going to win more tournaments if they can maintain the form. Well done also beating the Minions.

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Malaysia Open 2023

This tournament has been upgraded from s750 to S1000 in January. A 1st bwf event. All the top players were there except for Momota who was down with flu.

I was lucky enough to get a free ticket to watch live in Axiata Hall on Round 16 Thursday. The atmosphere was fantastic. Better the Sg Open.

Notable matches are minions lost to china young pair. Laksha lost to Pranoy. Lzj lost to up coming Naraoka. Naraoka qualifies for final after having a titanic 1.50 mins match vs Vitid. Marin beat Sindhu 1st round. Daren beat Popov but injured vs Viktor. Yuta is not consistent. ASY grown taller. Need to smash more.

Alfian and Ardian winning first S1000 tournament. The rest are very dominating and expected to win. Congratulations to all. I managed to take photos with badminton stars too. Visual effect. Great job by Yonex. I hope lining will follow in Sg open. Wakaka.

Next is India open s750 in Delhi. See who is still standing on podium.