Monday, October 18, 2021

Thomas and Uber cup 2021

Well done to Indonesia for winning their 14th Thomas cup title. And China ladies for winning the Uber cup.

The biggest controversy for this tournament is Shi Yu Qi retired from the semifinal match at match point itself which is very unprofessional and sheer stupidity (against Momota). Hope he is not involved with any betting syndicate taking commissions, which can cost his career. I wonder BWF and CCP is going to investigate further.

Everyone was expecting Denmark to enter final but was upset by Indonesians. JC did well to beat Antonsen. The Japanese ladies was riddled with injuries for Okuhara and some doubles players.

If China brings along their Olympic medal players, they could have won it. I guess the management are reeling. Japan also did not do well because of weaker doubles department. Indonesia did well to win it with a decisive 3-0 margin.

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Sudirman cup 2021

Congratulations to China team for winning the Sudirman cup 2021. Japan has never won it till today. Well done to SYQ attacking display even though he was extremely tired. Momota was tired as well. Put on weights and did a few careless mistakes and also not able to defend well for this game.

A surprise by Akane beating Olympic champion Chen YuFei.