Tuesday, November 9, 2021

HYLO German Open 2021

This is an amazing tournament for Loh Kean Yew. It is like a perfect red carpet laid out for him to win this tournament. This is a once a  lifetime achievements where he managed to beat all the higher ranked players to win this tournament. Albeit a smaller Super 500 tournament. 25K usd 1st prize.

This year alone, he managed to beat so many of them. Well done. The task now is to maintain the form and reach top 10. Top 5 is also not impossible. He played well against LZJ with his solid defence and his smash towards the body. Final score is 19-21, 21-13, 17-12. This is a back to back win against LZJ. The last one was French Open. It will be remembered for him for many days to come. A great history for him.

Of course LZJ smashes where not effective today. Not hitting near to the line much. More on brute force until he landed wrongly and injured himself to retire from the final in rubber game.

LKY was born in Penang and came to Singapore at the age of 13 through scholarship from Sports School. A gain to Singapore and a loss to Malaysia. This is what happens to a country when they don't know how to keep their talents.

Well done to Minions also for winning their 1st Tournament. Thai XD pair and WS did well. Japan WD won. Yeo was nervous and fumbled badly.

Saturday, November 6, 2021

French Open 2021

Another exciting tournament where there were incidents.

LKY Singapoe beat LZJ from Malaysia. Sen from India got his revenge over LKY from Dutch Open.

Minions lost again and this time to the Korean wc veteran pair of Ko and Shin. Perfect match.

Yamaguchi the Ironlady again won the Womens Singles from compatriot Takahashi.

Japan Mix doubles Watanabe and Higashino did well again to win after Denmark Open.

Srikanth messed up a 19-19 tap into the net against tired Momota in rubber game Qtr finals.

Tsuneyama won the semis against tired Momota and also beat the tired CTC in finals. 1st title for him luckily. If Tsu lost, Japan will be very angry. He shd have retired to Momota in semis instead to save momota energy.

Courtesy of Getty Images.

Denmark Open 2021

Well done to Viktor for winning the Mens singles title by beating Momota. Viktor was struggling but still managed to pull through. Momota was over confident in this match just like the one when he beat SYQ in Sudirman cup. Momota have finish off the game earlier. Now he must win in 2 games.

Also Yamaguchi did well to win Womens Singles. She really did an awesome marathon match vs Korea ASY.