Sunday, December 10, 2023

Japan masters 2023

Well done to the winners. 

xd. Zheng and Huang managed to beat their compatriot in the final.

ws. Tunjung did very well to beat Chen YF. The score seems lopsided and suspicious. 21 12, 21 12. This is her biggest victory to date. Well done.

In earlier rounds, An SY tried to make a comeback from  injury but still cannot beat CYF who qualified for the finals. CYF seems to have the magic to beat Marin all the time. TTY gave a WO to Zhang who lost to Tunjung in semis.

wd. Slightly more exciting with rubber games.

md. He and Re managed to upset Liu and Ou.

In earlier rounds, Aaron and Soh lost in 2 games to Koga and Saito but they lost to Liu and Ou who went to the finals beating Teo and Ong.

ms. Viktor did well to beat SYQ in 2 sets. Quite close. Viktor form looks good.

In the earlier rounds. Ng Tze Yong met Viktor and did well to pull him to 3 games. So did Jojo.

Antonsen did well to beat Naraoka in 2 games but lost to upcoming Kobayashi in 3 games.

The resurging momota who won the Korean masters did very well to beat Gemke in 3 games but lost tamely to SYQ. Probably too tired. This means momota has not fully returned yet.

Chou TC did very well to beat Pranoy in 3 games and then beat Koki. But SYQ got the upper hand on CTC in the semis.

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