Monday, December 18, 2023

HSBC BWF World Tour Finals 2023 - Hangzhou

Congratulations to all the winners. Big Money. Few surprises. Click on the yellow links to see the video highlights. Malaysian Open next in January. S1000.

xd. Zheng and Huang did well to win in the final again. Earlier matches we saw Malaysian pair beating Japan pair for the 1st time in their career.

wd. China did well to win it by beating the surging korean pair.

ws. This is a big surprise to see TTY winning it. She is 29 years old and defying the odds by beating ASY in the semi finals and Marin in the finals. It's a shame we haven't seen Yamaguchi returning from her injuries. ASY also not 100% recovered. So, the Olympics is open for the time being. Anyone can win it as long as they are injury free.

md. Aaron and Soh dissappointed again because they lost in all their matches. The Indian top pair also did not participate in this event. The indonesians also did not do well. Korean world champ did well to beat the WR1 home favourites in 2 games. Perhaps too much pressure for China. Expectation was too high at home.

ms. Viktor lost to SYQ in the round robin game. Ginting looked promising but did not qualify for the semis. Viktor had his revenge in the final and pocketed a cool sum of money for Christmas. This is his record 5th title. He has elevated himself to legend status.


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