Monday, January 15, 2024

Malaysia Open 2024

Congratulations to all the 1st time winners. This is a S1000 big event. The 1st tournament of the year. It is also the Olympic year.

XD. Top seed was upset by Korean Kim and Jeong. Singapore did well to beat Thailand in Qtr final. Good money for them. Yuta and Higa did well to beat the Korean in the final. They are also lucky that the Chinese lost in the earlier rounds.

WD. In short, China juniors did very well to enter final. Malaysia and the rest of the seeds were not doing well.

WS. Yamaguchi trying to make a comeback and only managed to get into qtr final. TTY did very well in beating CYF. ASY beat China Zhang in 3 games. In the final, TTY did numerous error by playing risky shots. This caused her to make mistakes by pushing or smashing the shots out. I bet her coach did not inform her to play 'margin of error' strategy where it is safer to aim the shots 1 feet inside the line. ASY was lucky to win it. The front runners at the moment for OG is ASY, TTY and CYF. The 4th can be either Yama, Marin or Sindhu.

MD. It was a fitting semifinals for this tournament. China did well to beat Japan in semis and India managed to beat Korea. India did well to take the 1st game. In the second game, the chinese step it up and managed to win the other 2 games. A fitting win for the World Ranked no. 1

MS. The local malaysian players lost again in the 1st round. LZJ lost to LGZ. NTY was injured when playing Koki. SYQ did very well to beat top seed Viktor in 3 games. His netting was superb in the semifinals. Viktor did not get the chance to smash much. This is how you should play with tall players. Another way is to make sure that the shots go high up and make the opponent move around.
Antonsen was in great form disposing Taipei in 2 games. In the final, Antonsen must have read SYQ's game by dominating the front net shots. SYQ also looks tired from the 3 games played earlier.

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