Monday, January 22, 2024

India Open 2024 S750

India Open. Congratulations to all the winners. Quite a balanced event. Click on the links to see the results and videos.

xd. Thailand came back into this tournament with a vengeance after losing to Singapore in Malaysia Open. They beat the Japanese team who won last week Malaysian Open.

wd. Japan Matsumoto and Nagahara did well to win their 1st tournament of the year beating the weaker chinese pair.

ws. ASY had to pull out due to knee injuries. Not looking good for her for the coming olympics. Many ws are still recovering from injuries. eg. yama, okuhara, marin, sindhu. Chen Yu Fei did well to enter final but still cannot stop TTY who was in red hot form. At the moment, TTY and CYF will be the front runner for the Olympics.

md. A lot of drama in this event. Liang and Wang the no 1 seed lost to the Thai pair in the early round. Aaron and Soh did well to beat China Ou and Liu. Unfortunately in the semi finals, Aaron's right eye was hit by the shuttle and that caused them to lost momentum in the 2nd game. They lost in 2 sets. The Korean pair Seo and Kim did well to beat the top Japanese pair. They also managed to beat the favourite local pair in the final. Their performance was fantastic. They held on to the small margin lead all the way in the 3rd set over coming the pressure from the local Indian pair. Kudos. Now there are 4 big contenders. China, Japan, Korea and India. Malaysia, Indonesia and Denmark are outsiders for the Olympics.

ms. Notable players like Viktor, Antonsen and LKY did not play in this tournament. Lee Cheuk Yiu from HongKong surprisingly did well beating big players with the likes of Vitid, Ginting and Naraoka. Lzj did well to beat Jojo but lost to Naraoka in stamina. SYQ did very well beating Pranoy in semis and also using his experience to win the tournament beating LCY.

Next tournament is Indonesia Masters.

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